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14-in-1 Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit - Camping, Hiking, Tactical Gear Case Set Box

14-in-1 Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit - Camping, Hiking, Tactical Gear Case Set Box

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Everyone can get into an unexpected emergency situation. There is such a survival kit suit to be around; you will be absolutely convenient. It's a great gift for adventurous dads and brave children. Learn to protect themselves better. Prepare a few more pieces in your car and home.
This outdoor survival kit is equipped with 13 practical tools with multi-function.

1. Multi-Function Compass: 360-degree rotating bezel for easy navigation and orienteering; compass glows in the dark; making it easy to read in any weather.
2. Wire Saw: Cut wood (not more than 3 inches); plastic; bone; rubber and soft metal.
3. Whistle: High Frequency Double Hole Whistle; the sound is louder; the rescue team can find you faster.
4. Case(All survival tools will be packaged in black box): Waterproof and shockproof storage Case.
5. Saber Card: Credit card size; easy to fit in your wallet; bag. Can opener; cap opener; 4 position wrench; 2 position wrench; butterfly wrench; directional wrench; screwdriver; knife blade; saw blade; ruler; key chain; and etc.
6. Multiple-function Tactics Knife: Multiple-function survival knife; ideal for any use.
7. Portable Mini Light: Small; practical can also be a key ring.
8. Water Bottle Retaining: Simple and solid way to carry water bottle.
9. Tactical Torch Flashlight: A compact handheld flashlight that magnifies the beam or amplifies the illumination. With ultra-high brightness LED lights; you can run for a few hours with just one AA battery (AA battery not included).
10. Emergency Thermal Blanket: Provides convenient easy protection in cold or warm weather conditions.
11. Multi-function scrape
12. Firer steins fire starter
13. Emergence Tungsten Steel Pen: Made of tungsten steel for superior strength and portability; breaking a window glass; escape in an emergency situation.

LIGHTWEIGHT - The size of survival kit is only 6.4 x 4.1 x 1.9 inch; weight is only 1 pounds. It can be very light; will not feel heavy or occupy space. A small black waterproof box specially prepared in the pocket; bag; car; drawer; can be very strong; you can safely put all kinds of survival gear tools inside; and then take it out when necessary; Will never let you down.

COOL GIFT - Everyone is likely to encounter some urgent situations. The Survival Kit is a must-have tool in your life. Whether you are camping; hiking; adventurous; living or trapped in a car; you can use it in an emergency. A perfect gift for you who are adventurous. You can also exercise the courage of a child. You can prepare a few more at home and in the car.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Survival kits camping portable multi-tool box outdoor flashlight set tools. Car first aid kit; camping first aid kit; outdoor multi-purpose tool box; ready to go; is your little friend with peace of mind. The survival kits in this 10-piece set of survival kits are versatile; and there are dozens of functions in a few simple tools to meet the diverse needs of outdoor survival. The emergency blanket 82" x 52" size accommodates tall adults.

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